Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Weekend in Paris

Bonsoir! I've been away from my blog (again) for a while. I've been home to celebrate my (early) 21st birthday and last night I flew home from a weekend in Paris!
My wonderful friend Elise is spending 4 months of her year abroad working in Paris. We've been friends since school, bonding over our mutual love for speaking French and eating. When my loan came in I booked myself a cheap return flight (£100? Bargain!). Here's what we got up to...

 Making friends with the locals

Eating the local cuisine

On Friday night I met Elise's friends from work, one of which was apartment sitting at a very swanky pad in central Paris. Apparently the guy had a stuffed squirrel too. Weirdo. This tartiflette was amazing - cheese, bacon and potatoes. Is there any better combination?

Saturday Elise showed me her local area (she lives fairly near Sacre Coeur), we also took a stroll from Bastille to Champs Elysée where there was this lovely ferris wheel and a Christmas market. We drank plenty of mulled wine of course. After all that we refuelled for some crepes, the restaurant served up our cider in huge mugs.

 Thanks to Elise for these divine pictures!

We also attended the Hillsong church in Paris. I'm not really sure of what powers are doing what upstairs but I enjoy a song and dance. Especially when the service is held in a theatre (comfier than those church pews) and the songs and service were in French and English; a good way for my to practice my French listening! It was an eye-opening experience and very different from my usual Sunday routine (my own religion of running and back to back Grey's Anatomy). We then stopped off in the Jewish quarter to have a bite to eat - falafel pitta filled with chickpea and vegetable goodness. I had an amazing weekend, it's just a shame it went to fast!


Kacie Cone said...

I'm quite jealous! These are beautiful photos :)


Vix said...

What a fab pre-birthday bash! That fox is too cute. x

Louise Mc said...

I'm so envious, Paris is my favourite city. It's the first place I ever went 'abroad' and is also the city where my husband proposed to me. I would live there if I could. I love the French language too. x

Ella said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! You are so lucky to have a friend that can show you the local spots xx
Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage